Why do we have a democratic government?

What is democratic government?

Democratic government is the government in which the power is completely dressed in the people. It is a structure that completely focuses on the rights of the citizens.
The word democracy has different meanings and different definitions. People explain this word according to their level. Democracy means clarity. It also evolves equality, power and possibility.

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Is it a best form of government or not?

There are many views about this. Some says that yes it is a best form of government while on the other hand many people are disagree with this statement. Let’s talk about the entire yes and the no points.
Yes Points
The yes points cover the necessary points. These are as follows:
1. Freedom
2. It represents the people.
3. It gives respect to human rights.
4. It helps in promoting human rights.

Freedom of speech is that everyone has the right to speak according to their choice. Democratic states have freer people than autocratic states. The people of democratic state have more freedom to speak than autocracies.

Represents the people
The government here represents the view of the people who elect them.

Respect Human rights
In democratic society the rights of the humans are respected and the people live their lives according to their choice. It also helps in promoting the basic human rights.
No Points
The no points are as follows:
1. Economic growth.
2. Increasingly about the money.
3. Motivation in electorate

Economic Growth
Autocracies are better at large projects as they are better at creating economic growth if they have strong will. Also the resource base of the country can be accessed faster and is used more effectively.

Increasingly about money
In some of the countries democracy look to be increasingly about money because only a big businessman is able to fund the campaigns whereas autocracies avoid this endless expense by avoiding elections.

Electorate is not motivated
In this point it is explained that many people tried to give ideas about different things but they don’t have detail research into their validity.
The above mention points are some of the yes and no points. One can consider the thing by studying all these factors and considering them closely. Democracy is basically a system of rule defined by laws not by the members. The rule of the law basically protects the rights of the citizens. No one is different from other on the basis of race, religion or gender. Everyone has the right to live according to the way they want to live. There is no such restriction. And in case of democratic government. The democratic government is the one which is not imposing anything on their people and build a kind of environment in which everyone has the right to speak and live according to their choice. It consider all the basic key points, their importance, cons and the pros in order to determine that whether the democratic government is the best form of government or not?

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