What does democracy do for us?

What is democracy?

Democracy is basically a system of government in which country’s political leaders are chosen by the people on the biases of regular, free and fair elections. The citizens have an authority to replace or change their elected leaders if they are not performing well. In democracy, the people have higher authority and the government is based on the will of the people.
The word democracy has different meanings and different definitions. Democracy means transparency. It means that everyone has the power to bring a change. It includes equality, power and possibility.

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What does it mean to us?
As we see that now people across the country are coming together and share their ideas in order to work together and creating better associations which include food security, education and building prosperity.

Democracy is not just a word it is about people living with respect and equality. Democracy evolves all kind of people with their thoughts and ideas. It provides people the freedom of listening and learning from other without any hesitation or fear.

In case of Government and the rules defined by them, there should be freedom of speech. It means that allowing people to make the decisions of their lives by their own.
A country should be a democratic country. It means that it should be run on the basis of the decisions taken by the people. It means that one should have proper rights to speak, to vote and so on. Here one thing which is very important and should be considered. It is that the citizens should also follow their responsibilities. One of the main responsibility of the citizens is to choose the best leader. Another responsibility of the citizens is to help in making their community and neighborhoods good places in which they live. There are three ways through which one can take part in democracy. These are as follows:

1. Voting
2. Volunteering
3. Communicate with elected officials

Basic Human rights

In democracy, every citizen has certain basic rights which state cannot take away from them at any cost. These rights are internationally recognized and guaranteed. Everyone has a right to live their lives according to their beliefs and religion. Everyone has a right to seek different sources in order to get information and ideas. People have rights to associate with other people and build a join organization of their own choice. People also have rights to amass and to protest against the things which are not according to their will.
The key role of the citizen in democracy evolves participation.

Democracy is basically a system of rule defined by laws not by the individuals. The rule of the law basically protects the rights of the citizens, maintains the order, limits and the power of government. Every citizen is equal on the basis of law. No one is discriminated on the basis of race, religion or gender. Everyone has the right to live according to their own choice.

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