What does it mean to be a member of democratic society?

What is democratic society?

Democratic society is the society which favours equal rights and the freedom of speech. A healthy society needs strong and active citizens who value the system of government.
The word democracy has different meanings and different definitions. Democracy means transparency. It means that everyone has the power to bring change in society. It evolves equality, power and possibility.

Citizen’s responsibility

Being a member of a society, there are many responsibilities of a citizens which should be understand and followed. Good citizenship refers to the knowledge of society’s social, political and legal institutions. It includes voting in elections, working individually or collectively in order to build stronger and continuous communities.

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Democracy is not only a word it is about people living with respect and equality. Democracy evolves all kind of people with their different thoughts and ideas. It provides people, the freedom of learning and listening of new things from other without any fear.
Similarly same is the case with Government there should be a freedom of speech in the rules defined by them. A country should be a democratic country. It means that it should be run on the basis of the decisions taken by the people. One should have proper rights to speak, to vote and so on

Human rights

In democracy, every citizen has certain basic rights which state cannot take away from them at any cost. Some of the basic human rights are as follows:
1. Freedom of speech and expression.
2. Freedom of following their lives according to their religion.
3. Freedom of association.
4. Rights of equal protection of the laws.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is that everyone has the right to speak according to their will. There is a freedom to talk about anything, about any change, about any issue etc. There is no such restriction.

Freedom of following their lives according to their religion

Everyone should have a right to live their life according to their religion. One should live according to their will.

Rights of equal protection of the law

One should follow and protect the laws which are defined. If something is not accurate or going well then speak or protest for that specific thing.

Democracy is basically a system of rule defined by laws not by the individuals. The rule of the law basically protects the rights of the citizens. Every citizen is equal on the basis of law. No one is different from other on the basis of race, religion or gender. Everyone has the right to live according to their own choice. There is no such restriction. And in case of democratic state and society. The democratic state or the society is the one which is not imposing anything on their people and build a kind of environment in which everyone has the right to speak and live according to their choice and desire. Being a member of a democratic society one can live his/her life according to their choice.

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